Restoration — Sep ’12 — Thonet #14 chairs

Thonet #14 with new seating, shellac finish & lots of love. The #14 chair is widely regarded as a design classic. It earned a gold medal when it was shown at the ‘Exposition Universelle de 1867’ in Paris (wiki).

Blog — Sep ’12 — Ilmari Tapiovaara

“Only the simplest is best. Take away all that is unnecessary, develop the plasticity”

Blog — Sep ’12 — Pirkka chair, summer 2012

A Tapiovaara Pirkka chair in its natural habitat; a Finnish summer cottage by the lake.

Restoration — Aug ’12 — Ready for Milano

Restoration of two kitchen chairs.

Blog — Jul ’12 — Alvar Aalto Studio & House visit, 2012

The house was designed in 1934 as both a family home and an office and these two functions can clearly be seen from the outside. It is a cosy, intimate building for living and working, designed by two architects for themselves, using simple uncluttered materials.